About Us

Imajinnation is a disruptive and strategic full-service marketing communications agency. We combine both hemispheres to create the perfect solution, by bringing the power of logic together with the power of creativity. We bring strategy, concepts, designs and productions to life by creating relevant and inspiring marketing solutions for your brand and business. Imajinnation’s experience combines corporate marketing and brand experience with agency and on-the-ground skill to ensure well-rounded and balanced creative for your brand.

Who we are

Imajinnation, derived from the word ‘imagine’, is the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. It is the ability to think of new things, something that only exists or happens in the mind. It is an innate creative and strategic skill, as well as the potential to confront and deal with a particular issue resourcefully. These are the core characteristics that Imajinnation posesses.

Imajinnation, derived from the word ‘nation’ is the coming together and flawless integration and execution of various people and elements into one complete solution or vision, with one shared ‘golden thread’, all speaking the same language and delivering the same message, in unity and in harmony with the surroundings within which it was communicated. This is how Imajinnation delivers its characteristics to their best potential.

Imajinnation therefore, just like the two halves of the brain, is a disruptive and strategic full-service marketing communications agency, bringing together the strengths of both ends of the spectrum, by specialising in visually strong and innovative audio-visual concepts, crafting messaging that is impactful and attention-grabbing, but tactically placed on the most important and unique platforms, in the most effective way, staying out of the clutter and demanding message retention, thereby improving results that leads to a-more-than-usual positive return on investment (ROI).

Imajinnation services small to large, national or multi-national brands, on a project-by-project or retainer basis, for all their marketing communication needs.

Where we come from

Imajinnation originates from decades of evolution on both sides of the marketing field, from doing the actual, “hard graft” work on-the-ground and in-the-field, to being the other side of the desk on strategy, management and planning. This has put us in the best position to formulate and advise our clients on concepts, strategy and the entire brand marketing mix, with a strong, proven background in quality execution behind us – what we term “the bottom-up approach”.

We have always been renowned for being the go-to guys for the biggest and the best, 1st ever, never-been-done-before, out-of-the-box ideas that push the boundaries of traditional thinking and reach audiences in new ways.

We’ve been involved in everything from on-the-ground promotional and activations campaigns, events and conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, sponsorship activities, charity and social responsibility initiatives, video production, design, audio composing, graphics and motion graphics, technical productions (sound, lighting and audio equipment), audio-visual technologies (like holographics, augmented and virtual reality, 3D products, gesture and touch technologies, simulators, smell and audio technologies, to name a few), staging and exhibition stand building, entertainment and entertainers, and show controlling, to running Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Advertising Campaigns, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, and even internal marketing communication. 

From the initial concept and creative process, to the strategy and quality execution thereof, management and reporting, we have done it all ourselves rather than just coordinating or consulting (or brokering) in the traditional sense, meaning we know every trick  in the book when it comes to Marketing Communication. Using “the bottom-up approach” meant that we were therefore able to build Imajinnation from the ground up, on the back of the strengths and the weaknesses of the various industries, in order to build a better solution – one that gets more results.

What do we stand for?

We are passionate about Marketing and get extremely excited about tackling a new brand or challenge. Formulating the strategy and coming up with unique ideas is what gets us up in the morning. Connecting all the dots to form a pattern/picture of the definitive solution is key to our success. Then watching it all unfold as the results come in, is our ultimate reward.

In everything we do, with every fibre of our being, we live and breathe disruptive marketing. Even after being in the industry as long as we have, we never grow tired of coming up with new, fresh ideas. That is why we love to be the antithesis of traditionalism and why we have an inherent dislike for everything boring and that has been “done-before”.

Imajinnation’s mission statement is to create strong, actionable, long-term connections between our customer and the intended audience through impactful messaging that is disruptive and distinctive, where message retention and reach results are improved by utilising creative, non-traditional and innovative methods, along with integrated quality solutions that are developed, managed and controlled to ensure the ‘golden thread’ is continued across all elements, all speaking one language and delivering the same message, to entice and evoke the desired response or outcome, that leads to improved ROI.

But at our core our main purpose or existence revolves around being better, doing things differently, thinking about what we are doing and why we are doing it by having a questioning spirit, improving on the norm, and doing it exceptionally well, at good value to customer.

Where we want to go

Our mission is to bring back marketing strength to brand activities. By doing so, we bring back the power of strategy, a step needed before one can proceed to creative concepts, design and execution. In addition, this ensures practical and applicable creative that follows the strategy, rather than concepts for concept-sake, with a creative that would then need to drive the strategy.

Our goal is to once again legitimise marketing spend, essential to brand growth, by proving results rather than just “throwing budget” at generic campaigns that don’t meet expectations, by using non-traditional and innovative methods that demand attention, but most importantly, based on our extensive on-the-ground past experience, where we witnessed what works and what doesn’t, first-hand.

Our vision is therefore to become one of the best integrated and disruptive marketing communications agencies in South Africa and more importantly, the chosen point of call when customers are wanting to conduct brand marketing activities of any kind. We want to provide holistic marketing services across all markets and sectors, regardless of the size of our clients’ organisations or type of product, where every project is unique and different from the next and Imajinnation can be of such close partnership with its clients, that we are seen to be part of the internal team.

Lastly, given our South African heritage, it is also of vital importance for Black Economic development throughout our process, in order to empower and achieve true transformation. It is our duty to groom and nurture the young black South African talent of today, into the business leaders of the future. We don’t just do BEE because we are asked to, but we believe it’s a vital and necessary step for this country’s social and economic equality growth.