Why Us

Here is a list of advantages that sets us apart from the rest, when deciding whether to engage with us.

Our Advantages

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability – being a boutique agency means we are able to mould ourselves to the client’s requirements easily.
  2. Pricing – overheads are not what the large agencies would have to endure, allowing us to focus on providing maximum value for money.
  3. Personal Investment – Our dedicated focus on a smaller number of clients, ensures client gets our undivided attention on their projects, where we see ourselves as partners to our client, and part of the brand.
  4. Timelines – time pressures are part and parcel of our environment, and our personal investment to client ensures we are able to work within extremely limited timeframes when it is needed.
  5. Experience in the field – our on-the-ground experience on one side, coupled with our behind-the-desk experience on the other, having done the very work our client does, sets us apart from many competitors since we have physically done many of the aspects we are now required to conceptualise and manage, from both ends of the spectrum. It also meant we built Imajinnation from the ground up, improving on the inherent weaknesses of the system.
  6. Integrated Marketing – in this day and age integration is essential in ensuring there is strategic control over all aspects, speaking the same language and visual style.
  7. Strength of Strategy – a rare skill in this particular landscape but one that is vital in putting the pattern together and connecting all the dots to form a complete picture (see our article on”Where have all the marketers gone“).
  8. Applicable Concepts – Concepts driven by strategy, rather than concepts driven by creative, ensures better creative that delivers on the objectives and achieves actual results. We not here to win Loeries, we here to win the minds and hearts for the brand.
  9. Use of Innovation – We believe threshold to messaging has been reached and therefore use disruptive and innovative ways to stay out of the clutter and make sure our messaging impact is achieved (see our article on “you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish”). Our experience with technology allows us to use it in the right way and in the right places.
  10. Focus on Results – Always looking at the possible Return on Investment ensures no money is wasted on elements that won’t achieve a positive outcome. Client’s need to see what their money is paying for, and this is where having results in mind is essential.